Thursday, October 05, 2006

Streisand Concert Tour Begins

I'll never see Barbra Streisand in concert because I would never be willing to spend $250 for really bad seats. Ah well. I mention it only because lately I've been catching lazy media outlets that repeat crazy, over-the-top record sale claims without any justification. But now the BBC has gone in the opposite direction. In a piece describing her current tour, they say Streisand has sold some 70 million "records" worldwide. Now, "records" is the term music pr people use when they want to conflate album sales and single sales, when obviously selling a $15 CD is much more significant than selling a $1 single at iTunes. But Streisand has done much better than that. She's sold 70 million albums...IN THE US ALONE. She's also had 44 singles chart on the Hot 100, selling at LEAST 10 million copies of them (she's been a much bigger force on the Adult Contemporary Chart for the past 25 years). Worldwide, I'd have to assume she's sold at least 100 million albums. Include singles sales and you can safely guess Streisand has sold 140 million "records" -- and perhaps a lot more.

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