Sunday, October 08, 2006

Weekend Box Office -- The Biggest Hit Of Marty's Career

"The Departed" is the biggest hit of Martin Scorsese's career. It will open to about $27 million and should easily top "The Aviator's" $102 million total. If only Marty's stupid producer hadn't boasted that it should make $30 million to $40 million, his triumph would be complete. And Popsurfing proves to have outwitted Box Office Prophets again: they said Dane Cook's "Employee of the Month" would only gross a total of about $3 million on the weekend. I figured since Cook was a massive online hit and extremely popular among young people that this was wackily out of touch. Assuming they saw tracking numbers I didn't, I hedged my bet a little, but in fact it looks likely to gross $13 million for the weekend. Per BOP, the estimated Top 10 based on Friday:

1. The Departed -- $27.6 million total
2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning -- $18.3 mil
3. Open Season -- $15.8 mil ($44 mil total)
4. Employee of the Month -- $13 mil
5. The Guardian -- $9.9 mil ($32 mil total)
6. Jackass Number Two -- $7 mil ($63 mil total)
7. School For Scoundrels -- $3.9 mil ($14 mil total)
8. Gridiron Gang -- $2.3 mil ($36 mil total)
9. Jet Li's Fearless -- $2.2 mil ($21 mil total)
10. The Illusionist -- $2.1 mil ($$34 mil total)

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