Saturday, October 14, 2006

Weekend Box Office -- "Infamous" and "The Marine" Fall Flat

NOTE: The overall grosses are an accurate estimation. But my attempt to extrapolate per screen averages from BOM failed miserably. Nonetheless, the flops were flops and the hits were hits.

The Friday numbers are in and since Hollywood can use those figures to predict exactly what movies you'll go see tonight and tomorrow afternoon (even before YOU know what you're going to see), the early predictions for the weekend are in. Wrestling star John Cena failed to transition to movie star. FoxFaith's attempt at cheapo Christian programming may have paid off with "One Night With The King," which is not a story of Elvis and a fan but the story of Esther. It broke into the top 10 on just 221 screens. On the other hand, the second Truman Capote/"In Cold Blood" biopic "Infamous" met with complete indifference. Per Box Office Mojo, it opened on 179 screens and scored a terrible $670 per screen, meaning it will end the weekend with about $360,000 and then fall quickly. Per Box Office Prophets, the weekend total estimates:

1. The Grudge 2 -- $24 mil weekend estimate total
2. The Departed -- $18.6 mil estimate ($56 mil est. total)
3. Man Of The Year -- $12.3 mil est. total
4. Open Season -- $10.6 mil est. total ($58 mil)
5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning -- $10.1 mil est. total ($32 mil)
6. The Marine -- $5.9 mil est. total
7. The Guardian -- $5.6 mil est. total ($40 mil.)
8. Employee Of The Month -- $4.9 mil est. total ($19 mil.)
9. One Night With The King -- $4.5 mil est. total
10. Jackass NUmber Two -- $3.1 mil est. total ($68 mil)

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