Friday, October 06, 2006

Weekend Movie Preview

I'll be too caught up in baseball to see many movies. But here are the predictions from Box Office Prophets. By the way, I chastised the producer of Martin Scorsese's new movie for making the ridiculous prediction that it should gross at least $30 million on its opening weekend, since this is far more than any Martin Scorsese movie has ever grossed in its first wide release. BOP predicts it will hit a far more reasonable "$27 million, which would have been a huge triumph for him if his producer hadn't raised the bar. And one quibble: BOP says "Employee of the Month" will gross $3.4 million. I think that severely underestimates the appeal Dane Cook has with young people. Maybe it won't break $10 mil, but it will do much better than that, I think.

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