Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wesley Snipes: Superhero

He didn't have to bother. Wesley Snipes is on the run (sort of) for avoiding taxes. I assumed it was just some normal auditing story, but in fact Snipes is aligned with one of those "no one has to pay taxes" groups. Obviously, rich people don't pay taxes at all: they just hire tax attorneys to create shelters and other dodges to avoid it. So clearly Snipes has been doing this for us. I love the details: Snipes apparently changed the legal wording on one form from "under penalty of perjury" to "under NO penalty of perjury." (Well, that takes care of that; clearly he's got top-notch representation.) And the name of the tax evasion specialists he worked with? The Guiding Light Of God Ministries. Amen, brother! And remember: always bet on black; but if you win, do report them on your tax form.

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