Thursday, October 12, 2006

Where's Your American Flag?

CNN and anti-immigration specialist Lou Dobbs was on "The Daily Show" today and I was struck by the fact that he was sporting one of those American flag buttons that every politician wears. If you're a politician, you literally can't even think about walking out the door in the morning without donning an American flag. It's easy to say that's silly and stupid and there are other (better) ways of demonstrating patriotism. But I doubt you could run for the House and certainly not the Senate and never the Presidency without putting on that little flag. Hilary wears her little flag every day. To even question the wearing of the little flag would doom your political career. I'm worried that soon even citizens won't be able to go outside unless they don a little American flag. People will harass you on the street: oh, you hate this country? You hate the flag? And if that seems unbelievable, imagine an America where we torture prisoners, illegally spy on our own citizens, and keep innnocent people locked up for years long after we realize they're innocent because we've treated them so cruelly we're afraid to release them. That'll never happen.

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