Monday, March 20, 2006

Weekend Box Office Estimates

Hollywood Reporter has the estimates for the weekend box office. V For Vendetta got some better reviews than I expected (USA Today and the NY Post were very enthusiastic) and some weaker box office, failing to hit $30 million. But Sarah Jessica Parker may finally be a movie star: The Family Stone did well over the holidays and now Failure To Launch -- a romantic comedy with Matthew McConaughey -- held very well in its second weekend. Since the movie was lambasted by critics, that's even more impressive and a true sign of making it -- getting people to see a bad movie. (The Shaggy Dog also had great word of mouth for its second weekend.) In limited release, Thank You For Smoking burned it up, grossing more than $50,000 per screen, though I can't imagine that translating to big box office when it goes wider. And Vin Diesel's attempt at turning into a serious actor in Sidney Lumet's Find Me Guilty was dismissed for lack of evidence. The Top Ten:

V For Vendetta -- $26.1 million
Failure To Launch -- $15.8 ($48.5 million)
The Shaggy Dog -- $13.6 ($35.9 million)
She's The Man -- $11 million
The Hills Have Eyes -- $8.1 ($28.8 million)
16 Blocks -- $4.7 ($30.2 million)
Eight Below -- $4.2 ($73.1 million)
Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion $3 ($60.1 million)
The Pink Panther -- $2.5 ($78.6 million)
Aquamarine -- $2 ($50.7 million)

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